4.1.   Professors against the Identity of the Post-Classical Greeks

4.2.   Fake Texts and Misinterpretation

4.3.   Fake Texts and Christian Law against Pagan Greeks

4.4.   Genocide upon Genocide

4.5.   Baptised Infidels



From the fourth century CE onwards the Hellenic, Latin and other polytheist peoples suffered repeated genocides from invading Germanic tribes which followed the Arian Christian heresy. Within two centuries of devastating incursions and raids, much of Western Europe sank into an extreme version of religion which forbade the study of anything that was not approved by the Church. Civilisation in the Greco-Roman world which resisted the Germanic barbarians and remained free, did not sink to its lowest depths as it occurred   in central and northern Europe. The Pagans Exterminated is based on a new analysis of the ancient sources, which goes contrary to well-established versions of history.

A band of modern professors developed the theory that at about the same time as these invasions began, the Greeks and the Romans did not really exist because they had mixed extensively with various other racial groups. According to this version of history, the only people racially related to the original populations who had created the Greco-Roman civilisation were the invading Germanic tribes themselves. This deceptive theory deprived the native southern populations of their legitimate inheritance as founders and leaders of the Greco-Roman world. It was fabricated by the Germanic academic establishment in order to justify not only the earlier, but also the nineteenth century invasions of southern Europe.